A New
Battle Awaits

2,121 Hand-painted NFTs launching on 


Fractional share of

Blue-chip digital assets


[1/1] Art Pieces 

Upgradable NFT

+ Low supply (2,121)

Public team

+ Community-focused


Which race
will you chose?

The Darkness has disturbed the forces of balance and the war for galactic space is amongst us.


Races and factions from afar unite together to assemble the AstroArmy. The Astros must restore peace or their mere existence is threatened. 


Gear up and join the battle.


Perks of owning 
an AstroArmy

1. Fractional share of Blue-chip digital assets

Feel that you missed the boat on virtual land? Wish you could afford a blue-chip NFT? Want to diversify across different types of assets? The AstroArmy DAO is an excellent opportunity to own a share of a diversified set of high-growth assets. 

2. Universe

AstroArmy holders will have exclusive access to a variety of benefits such as unique airdrops, partnerships, rewards and access to our invite-only membership club. Check out our roadmap for more information.

How does the DAO work?

20% minting proceeds and 50% of ongoing royalties go to the community wallet to fund asset purchases.


Members will get exclusive access to the DAO community and voting rights over the DAO's assets. Join us on this journey!

Example of assets (NFT holders will decide)

3. Upgradeable

With our airdrops that will be rewarded to our holders, you will be able to upgrade your AstroArmy NFT with different traits and change the appearance of the art. See the example below for more information.

4. Hand-painted [ 1/1 ]
Art Pieces

For AstroArmy we have entrusted our in-house artist to carefully hand-paint each piece individually. Each AstroArmy is truly unique and was crafted to ensure the best art for our collectors.

How do you upgrade the NFT?

We will be Airdropping limited traits throughout 2022. These will only be given to AstroArmy holders. If you are lucky to get an Airdrop you will be able to upgrade your NFT to improve the traits and make it more rare.

Equip your Airdrop to upgrade your NFT



This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take AstroArmy. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on. This will evolve over time as we get feedback from the community and bring forward new ideas!

1. Build (Oct - Dec 2021)

✓  Discord Launch

✓  Website Launch

✓  Publish Roadmap v1.0 

✓  Art reveals 

✓  List on several NFT calendars

✓  Publish Roadmap v2.0 

✓  Deploy contract and get verified

✓  Host multiple AMAs with the community and implement feedback

✓  Community building

✓  Partnerships and influencer onboarding

✓  1st DAO Purchase from the team for Community Vault 

Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 22.00.46.png

Mekaverse #6622

Added to Community Vault from team

2. Launch (Jan 2022)

✓   Launch on Magic Eden and Solanart
✓   Presale for whitelist community members
✓  Public Sale Sunday 23rd January 2022
  Rarity tools
◆  Special Airdrops

3. Post-launch (Jan 2022)

◆  Free rewards for early supporters: Let the party begin! To celebrate the launch of our project we are rewarding the first 50 transactions with special rewards. Whether you only mint 1 or 3, you will be eligible for a reward!

◆  On-going giveaways for holders 

◆  Partnerships and token utility: gaining exclusive access to future projects  

◆  Membership club for holders

4. The Future (Jan - Mar 2022)

◆  AstroWeapons Airdrop: a collection of 333 unique and hand-painted weapons. Distributed for free to lucky AstroArmy holders

◆  Launch AstroArmy DAO:

This will be big! AstroArmy holders will be involved in deciding the assets that we invest in with our community fund and will shape the future of the DAO

◆  Launch Upgrade mechanic:

Every lucky owner of an AstroWeapon (free from Airdrop) will be able to equip the weapon to any of their Astros to enhance them and make rarier

  Into the metaverse: partner up with metaverse projects to view your Astros in the digital world

◆  A-Tier influencer partnership campaigns deployed


Who are we?

Hi! Xhenis and Lucian are two friends that share a strong passion to turn AstroArmy into a prominent figure in the Solana NFT space. To achieve this, they have enlisted talented illustrator David Codjo who specialises in sci-fi hand paintings and Kaan Kutlu who is a marketing guru with extensive experience in the Solana NFT space. Xhenis has a strong background in managing complex projects both in a corporate and entrepreneurial setting whilst Lucian will be using his operations experience to manage the development of the project. The team is active on the discord server so come and say 'Hi' - they are always up for a chat and can answer any questions you may have.